Frequently Asked Questions

LEGO Sorting Desk with LEGO displayed

I don't have room for a two-sided desk. Is there a one-sided version?

We have a model for a one-sided desk that we are ready to launch. Unfortunately, it will require us to have custom trays manufactured. A one-sided Eneey is on our list of things to do, but we haven't yet justified the tooling expense for custom trays.

I prefer to stand while sorting my LEGO. Can I purchase a taller version?

We have dedicated a great amount of effort to get as much out of our Eneey as possible while keeping the shipping expenses reasonable. It would be possible to make a taller desk, but it probably wouldn't be shippable. Creative clients in the past have elevated the current desk using blocks, books, or the like.

Can wheels be added so I can roll it from room to room?

Yes, but we don't offer a wheel kit. We did made a prototype wheel kit over a year ago that worked well but had two problems. 

1. The wheels elevated the desktop several inches, creating uncomfortable ergonomics while sorting.

2. Compared to purchasing a couple of sets of furniture dollies from Harbor Freight or WalMart, our kit would have been expensive. 

Do you ever offer special pricing for floor models or damaged units?

Sometimes we do. We typically offer floor model discounts immediatly after a trade show (before we pack up) to reduce the amount of stuff we need to bring back to New Mexico with us. The trick is catching us at a show!

Can you donate an Eneey for (insert cause here)?

Flippytan doesn't have the ability to donate desks for noble causes or "marketing" efforts yet. We are only a few years old. Ask again in five years or so. We aren't heartless!

What is the best way to tell you what color I want?

Our base coat colors are derived from the Glidden line of colors. Home Depot typically has a display from which to choose. If you pick a Glidden color you like, let us know what it is. 

Warning- we still treat each desk like it is one of our children. We may draw the line at chartreuse. Why would you do that to one of our beautiful desks?!